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World Cup 2014
The 20th World Cup is going to commence from 15th June! The audiences will be joyful if the matches are displayed in perfect equipments like a bright TV or projector. None of them wants to watch the matches in a very dim TV or projector like below.

It’s time to call your customers to remind them to check the lamp of their projector or TV, making sure the old lamp is working fine. If it is almost time to replace, just suggest them to swap it before the World Cup Final Tournament! Never use unapproved projector lamps. The audiences would definitely be upset if they hear a pop sound from the lamp during the matches! To prevent this from happening, please contact your customer to purchase a spare APOG® Original Lamp which is quality-guaranteed.

When to replace lamp to REFRESH the projector?
The longer the usage time, the lower the brightness. Theoretically, when the brightness is 50% less than a new lamp, it is time for lamp replacement. However, it is difficult to determine the 50% by our bare eyes. There is a rule of Thumb. For example, the expected life time of a lamp is 2,000 hours. When it comes to 1,000 hours, the brightness deteriorates sharply. By this time you need to consider if it is necessary to swap a new lamp. Please ask your customers check the lamp timer in their machine now!

APO recommends Osram and Philips bare lamps.



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